PC Pound Puppies

Saving one tail at a time.....


History of PC Pound Puppies, Inc.


In late 2004, two of our founding members began volunteering with the Posey County/Mt. Vernon Animal Control Shelter in an effort to give stray and homeless dogs that come into the shelter a new home and a second chance at life. Along the way other volunteers joined the group, and this non-profit organization became PC Pound Puppies*. Every dog that comes into the shelter is immediately given a 7-way shot, kennel cough vaccine, and is wormed. The owner has 10 days to claim them, and as soon as that time is up, we begin the adoption process. Before adoption, all dogs are spayed/neutered, brought up to date on shots, heartworm tested, and treated for heartworms if necessary. In mid-2008, we also started micro chipping. We work with multiple specific breed rescues to get the types of dogs that fit their criteria out of the shelter quickly. In the past six years, we have taken this shelter from high kill to no-kill. The most widely accepted definition of a no-kill shelter is a place where only dangerously aggressive or fatally ill animals are euthanized. We have taken in just under 800 dogs in the last four years and had to euthanize less than 20 of those for severe aggression, and then only after extensive testing and giving the dog every chance we could. The rest have either, been adopted (after first being spayed/neutered and brought up to date on all vetting), sent to rescues, or claimed. If they are sick or hurt when they come in, they are immediately treated. We have NEVER euthanized a dog for a treatable condition. A small number have died of natural causes while in our care, and we have mourned every one. Dogs that have behavior issues are sent to work with a certified trainer (Bobbi Jo Bottomley, Tri-State K9 University) who also volunteers her services.

PC Pound Puppies spent $13,000 on dogs at Hawthorne Animal Clinic in 2007; vet expenses for 2008 were $23,000; and in 2009, were over $25,000. Our vet expenses have continued to rise by $10,000 each year. This does not include the purchase of routine medications given at the shelter, cages/crates, microchips, collars, leashes, toys, treats, supplies in general, and countless other necessary items.

Donations and fundraisers make all the difference.

*In March, 2010, we became a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, meaning all donations are now tax deductible.

We remain dedicated to improving the lives

of stray and homeless dogs in Posey Co. IN .