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Improving the lives of stray and homeless dogs....

Can you Foster a dog for us?

            When a dog is picked up by an Animal Control Officer in Posey County, she’s taken straight to the animal shelter. She’s given two vaccinations ― a 7-way shot to protect against various diseases common to dogs, and a Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine), and she is wormed. Then she is placed in a concrete run that is approximately 5 ft x 12 ft. It is surrounded with chain link fencing and has a metal dog house at the rear.

             That’s where she stays 24/7. She can’t have a soft bed or toys because they would get contaminated by her bodily waste – yes, she must relieve herself in the same area where she lives. Her only outings occur when we take her to the veterinarian’s office for a rabies vaccination, spay/neuter surgery, a heartworm test and a microchip, or to Pet Food Center on Saturdays/Sundays where we try to find her a permanent home. She doesn’t even get to go for walks because our shelter is privately owned and operated, not open to the public, and we have no staff, only volunteers who work regular jobs. 

            These dogs need socialization in a home where they can learn crate training, house training, how to walk on a leash and how to interact appropriately with humans –adults, children, other dogs and/or cats. It takes just a few weeks for a dog to learn the skills that will help in finding her a new home and it doesn’t take an expert to teach these basic skills, it just takes someone with patience who loves dogs and wants to help. And when the dog is adopted, it’s a rewarding experience to know you played a part in placing a dog into a happy home environment.

            These dogs don’t deserve to be homeless. It’s likely they lived in a home before, but were never claimed by the owner due to illness, death, job loss, or other circumstances beyond the owner’s control.

            If needed, we can supply a wire crate. We also take care of medical needs while the dog is in foster care, however our vet must be used.  Can you foster a dog for us? If so, please talk with us at the Pet Food Center on First Ave. in Evansville, IN on Sundays from 11:30-3, or email us at [email protected].