PC Pound Puppies

Improving the lives of stray and homeless dogs....


Can't take home a dog right now? 

Make a donation so that someone else can..

Sponsor an Adoption - $150

***sponsoring an adoption pays for the equivalent of $150 worth of heartworm  and flea treatment/prevention and any other vet expenses the dog may have

Sponsor Food for a dog - $50

Sponsor Treats and Toys for a dog - $25

100% of your donation goes toward helping stray and homeless dogs in Posey County.  We have no paid employees, only volunteers.

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Donate your time!

We need Volunteers on Sundays at Pet Food Center North

  • Set up time 10-11am (strong bodied people to set up kennels and help get the dogs out)
  • Help walk, water, pet, love and you name it, from 11am-3pm
  • Tear down 3pm till the dogs are loaded up, crates are back in storage & all our mess is cleaned up

Donate Items:

  • Martingale Collars
  • Heavy Duty Leashes
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Paper Towels
  • Kong Toys
  • Treats - Made in the USA please