PC Pound Puppies

Improving the lives of stray and homeless dogs....

Our Board Members.....

Brenda Vanderver - President and 

Brenda always thought of herself as a cat person growing up, but that all changed in 2004 when she found out the plight of dogs picked up by Animal Control – that they were taken to a shelter that isn’t open to the public and if they weren’t claimed within 10 days they were euthanized. She started out by taking pictures of the dogs that were picked up and putting them up around town, and with unrelenting persistence, after about a year, the same shelter that euthanized almost every dog that came in was already pretty much no kill. Networking with other rescues and establishing a good reputation within the community has helped PC Pound Puppies tremendously. Brenda is continually working to find homes for the dogs in the care of PC Pound Puppies, but also works at a paying job part time. She has a husband, two grown children, and two grandchildren, as well as six dogs (all from the shelter), and three foster dogs. That last number is subject to change on a daily basis!

Kelli Alldredge- Vice President

Training and Behavior Evaluations

Linda Clifford


If you volunteer with us on a regular basis, ie volunteer every Sunday at the Shelter or have over 50 hours with us, send us a picture with a dog and we will post it. 

   Clay and Corky


                    Amber co-founded PCPP with Brenda Vanderver in 2004, after finding out that the dogs that were being taken to the Animal Control Shelter had no voice and no chance after 10 days, Amber and Brenda stepped in and started saving lives. “9 years later I am proud to be a part of a network of wonderful people who are also in it for the dogs.” Amber now focuses on the fundraisers and promotional events for PCPP, such as our rummage sales, Hearts for Hounds Dinner and Auction, Pedaling for Pups (Cycling Ride), speaking events,  and any other creative way to help the dogs and group out. She has taken a couple of dogs home along the way, but the one who sticks in her heart the most is her Ziek, who was at the beginning of starting this journey. Amber is married, has a daughter,  3 dogs (at the moment until she can sneak some more by her husband), and 3 cats. She works for a global plastics manufacturer in marketing and loves to travel. 


Sunday Volunteers

Katelyn and Kya

Chris & Charlotte

Clay and Gino